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Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor

Every student at Wake Forest receives individual advising and guidance as your chose your abroad program.  Call 336.758.5938 or stop by the Center for Global Programs and Studies in 116 Reynolda Hall to schedule a meeting. Meetings are scheduled Monday-Thursday and typically last 30 minutes. During your meeting, you will have the chance to discuss your options in greater detail.

Getting Started Handbook

Every student planning to go abroad for credit is required to read the Getting Started Handbook.  This handbook outlines the differences between a Wake Forest Program and an Affiliate Program as well as providing other important information related to study abroad.  Please speak to your study abroad advisor about any questions you have regarding this handbook.

Academic Considerations

Wake Forest students in all majors and minors are eligible to study abroad and earn degree credit.  When you meet with your study abroad advisor academic considerations will be discussed.

Wake Forest Programs
If you participate in a Wake Forest program, you will receive course credit that will apply to your GPA. Divisional credit is given if you participate in a Wake Forest program and a divisional course is being taught.

Affiliate Programs
Your study abroad grades of a “C” or better will count as transfer credit and do not apply to your GPA. Divisional credit must be approved by the department chair for Affiliate programs. Note that all grades for which you earn transfer credit will appear on your official Wake Forest transcript.

Transfer Hours
You may transfer a maximum of 60 hours to Wake Forest. All attempted courses and earned grades while abroad will appear on your transcript, even if the courses were not approved. Non-approved courses will be designated with an “N” beside the grade.

Talk to WFU Global Ambassadors

Know that you want to go abroad but not sure where? Want to know what courses are like in other countries? Need travel tips? For answers to these questions, speak to one of our Global Abroad Ambassadors. Ambassadors have studied abroad on WFU approved programs. You can also read about the experiences of Global Ambassadors on Tumblr by clicking here.