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Global Abroad Ambassadors are current students who studied abroad on WFU approved programs. They are student representatives of the Center for Global Programs and Studies, sharing their experience and knowledge of study abroad. They meet with interested students and groups, and act as guides throughout the study abroad preparation process.



Know that you want to go abroad but not sure where? Want to know what courses are like in other countries? Need travel tips? For answers to these questions, speak to one of our Global Abroad Ambassadors. Ambassadors welcome the opportunity to talk to students looking to study abroad. To connect with a Global Abroad Ambassador, please e-mail them directly or set up a time to meet. You can also connect with Global Ambassadors at pre-departure workshops, information sessions and study abroad fairs.

Global Ambassadors also have a Tumblr: Global Ambassadors on Tumblr.


Capri - Austin Rubino

Austin Rubino

London, England (WFU Worrell House)


I’m Austin from Boston and a Fall 2016 Worrell House resident. As a double major in Economics and English, I never thought I would study abroad because of my course load and my reluctance to miss a Demon Deacon’s football season. However, the Worrell House offered me the opportunity to work towards my English major and live in an incredible home in London with a bunch of awesome housemates. I quickly made myself at home in London and used the travel periods built into the Worrell House schedule to explore all over Europe. I look forward to sharing all my great experiences in London and beyond with my fellow deacs. Please reach out to me with any questions you might have about the Worrell House, London, traveling, or anything else you might want to know about studying abroad in Europe.



Blake Wynveen

Isla Colón, Panama (SFS)


I am a rising Junior for the 2017-2018 academic year, and just recently returned from my Spring semester abroad in Panama. I went on a Tropical Island and Biodiversity studies program through the School for Field Studies (SFS). While there, I dove into the abundant natural and human landscapes of the country in his marine ecology, terrestrial ecology, and environmental policy courses. I also completed a one-month research assignment in the field. I chose the SFS Panama program for the environmental focus, paired with the unique environment of the tropics. I loved hanging out in the SFS center on Isla Colon, the most populated island in the Bocas del Toro archipelago, where a boat dock was the classroom and the ocean was just outside his room. I would love to talk to students about their future abroad experiences, specifically those going on an Environmental and/or Latin American program.


BC Easter Island - Brenderia Cameron

Brenderia Cameron

Argentina & Chile (WFU Southern Cone)


I spent my Spring 2017 semester abroad in Argentina and Chile as part of Wake’s Southern Cone program. Studying abroad has always been a dream of mine, so when I found a program that taught chemistry classes abroad I was hooked. I am a Spanish and Biology double-major on the pre-med track, and my program allowed me to take classes toward my majors while abroad. The homestay experience also improved my Spanish and was a great way to immerse myself in South American culture. I’ll never forget going horseback riding in Argentina or seeing the world’s driest desert in Chile. It was a true learning experience I believe every student should have. Please, reach out to me for tips about getting started or packing for a trip, so you too can have an unforgettable experience abroad!


_MG_7803 - Christian Green

Christian Green

Copenhagen, Denmark (DIS)


I studied abroad in Copenhagen during the Spring of 2017. My maternal grandparents emigrated from Denmark to America after World War 2, so since I was young I had grown up hearing stories of Denmark. Naturally, there was no other place for me to study abroad when the time came. While at DIS Copenhagen, I studied neuroscience and photography while I did my best to become one with the Danes by joining a local soccer club, frequenting as many unique coffee shops as possible, traveling with my Danish visiting host family, and eventually understanding the special feeling that is hygge.


Daniel Chan _ Headshot - Daniel Chan

Daniel Chan

Vietnam, Argentina and South Africa (IHP)


My name is Daniel, and I am a junior, currently majoring in HES and Sociology. During the spring semester of 2017, I studied abroad with the International Honors Program (IHP) to Washington D.C., Vietnam, South Africa and Argentina. Our program was titled “Health and Community,” and my group took courses in public health and anthropology. The opportunity to travel to these different ends of the Earth was a major draw for me to enroll in this program. The design of our curriculum included many opportunities for learning that was outside of the classroom. I would be more than happy and willing to talk to anybody interested in my program, the places I went and/or the topics I studied. Just send me an email!


IMG_5340 - Elise Dean

Elise Dean

Vienna, Austria (IES)

Townsville, Australia (WFU Summer)


My name is Elise Dean. I am a senior communications and journalism student at Wake Forest. I studied abroad during the summer in Australia and New Zealand, and the following fall semester I studied abroad in Vienna, Austria. Both of these programs enveloped me in a world of new cultures and things to discover. From Oceania to Europe, I had the opportunity to study in two vastly different programs. I learned so much about my time abroad, and every day I wish I could be back in my little apartment in Vienna. My favorite story while abroad focuses on a hole-in-the-wall karaoke bar. If you see me around, be sure to ask about it! I’m so excited to be an abroad ambassador so I can help you utilize your time abroad in the most exciting ways. If you’re curious about cuisine, feelings of being homesick, or the best countries to visit while abroad. I’m your go-to ambassador!



Gavin Bonas

Barcelona, Spain (WFU)


My name is Gavin Bonas and I am junior Finance major in the business school. I studied abroad in Barcelona in the spring of 2017 (spring of my sophomore year). There are so many reasons to study abroad in Barcelona, but I chose Barcelona primarily to learn about the Spanish culture, and take business classes. My favorite hangout spots include: the beach, Las Ramblas, and Placa de Catalunya. I would be happy to serve as a resource for any student that has questions about the abroad process. I feel that my experience would be especially helpful for students who are in the business school or thinking about applying to the business school.



Kathryn Hurd

Sydney, Australia (IFSA)



My name is Kathryn Hurd and I’m a senior at Wake Forest. I currently working towards a major in Politics and International Affairs with a minor in Sociology. My junior year, I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia at the University of Sydney. While studying abroad, my favorite hangout spot was either Bondi Beach or The Grounds of Alexandria. I also absolutely loved the opportunities for travel that were available to me while studying abroad. After my semester, I traveled for three weeks through New Zealand and Fiji. My experience studying abroad was life changing, and I would be happy to chat with anyone about my experience abroad.


Katie Super

Katie Super

Santiago, Chile (WFU)


I’m a senior Politics and International Affairs major, with minors in Statistics and Latin American and Latino Studies. I studied abroad in the first ever session of the Chile Honors program in Fall 2015 of my sophomore year. I initially decided on this program for a few reasons; (1) I wanted to go to a Spanish-speaking location to improve my Spanish, (2) I was interested in pursuing the Georgetown Master’s degree program that is offered for joint Politics/LALS undergraduates from Wake, (3) The “Honors” program promised to be academically challenging and I wanted this challenge. I certainly succeeded in improving my Spanish and in pushing myself academically, although I’m not quite sure if I still want to pursue the Master’s degree or another path – which is okay! I would not trade my study abroad experience for any other. I even returned to Chile (and Peru) in the summer of 2017 for a Richter research grant, on the socio-environmental impacts of primary resource mining in South America. If you have any questions at all about the Chile Honors program or the Southern Cone program, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and we can meet for coffee or chat through email!


Kalyn Bio Picture

Kalyn Epps

Vienna, Austria (WFU Summer)

Salamanca, Spain (WFU)


I am a Bay Area native double majoring in Anthropology and Communication with a minor in Spanish. In the summer of 2016, I took my learning outside the classroom and conducted research on social stratification in Vienna, Austria in addition to learning about the effect of harmful stereotypes on the Roma community of Budapest, Hungary. I am excited to be going abroad again and I’ll be studying Spanish in Salamanca, Spain during the Fall of 2017. On campus, I also serve as a Student Coordinator for the Intercultural Center, work in the Anthropology Lab, and for MRKT. I aspire to use travel as a way to connect across cultural boundaries and dispel stereotypes. I am always excited to discuss travel — anything from embracing culture shock and uncertainty to budgeting and host families.


Wake Forest University's Summer Management Program in the School of Business held their annual Deloitte Day in Farrell Hall on 6/24/16.

Kelsey Rudolph

Shanghai, China (CIEE)


For the spring 2017 semester, I studied in Shanghai, China. As someone who is studying international business as well as Chinese, I thought it would be a good move to study in one of China’s most international, metropolitan cities. While I was abroad, the biggest thing I learned was the difference between American culture and Chinese culture, especially the education system. My favorite hangout spots were the gardens on my university’s (ECNU) campus or Coco Party café in Global Harbor. You can contact me about what it’s like to rely mostly on a second language that you’re still studying, differences in the Chinese education system, or simply places to travel within China.


FullSizeRender 5 - Keru Luo

Keru Luo

Vienna, Austria (IES)

Tours, France (WFU Summer)


I spent a Spring semester in Vienna, Austria with IES Abroad and six weeks in Tours, France with Wake Forest. As the hometown of psychoanalysis, Vienna was my first option since I study psychology. The musical and artistic atmosphere in Vienna also supported my great interests. In Vienna, I loved visiting historic museums, having coffee and cakes at Cafés and going to concerts or operas. Wandering around the city with a monthly transportation ticket is always surprising and fun. In Tours, I searched for lots of good restaurants and tried different dishes of French cuisine. During weekends and holidays, I traveled, not only in Vienna and Tours, but also to other cities in Europe. In total, I traveled to 22 cities in 9 European countries in half a year. As an international student, “Studying abroad-abroad” was an unforgettable experience. Any questions are welcome including tips about traveling and living in Europe.

mona - Nate Jones

Nate Jones

Dijon, France (WFU)


My name is Nate Jones and I’m a senior studying Business Enterprise Management and French. Opting to study abroad for a semester was a no-brainer for me. I’ve always had an interest in French and knew coming in that I wanted to build off my brief exchange program from high school. The WFU Dijon, France program fit everything I was looking for –an immersive homestay experience paired with group excursions and a wide array of French courses at the local university. A big highlight of the program are the prearranged trips to various regions across the country. I was especially impressed by Mont Saint Michel, the historic abbey in lower Normandy, and the city of Nimes, located in southern France. Oh, and a week in Paris isn’t so bad either. As the semester progresses, the no-class Friday arrangement comes in handy when trying to visit or connect with friends in other European cities. Overall, I had a blast and would love to try and answer any questions, whether specific to my trip or more general. Feel free to reach out.

IMG_1715 - Noah Eggers

Noah Eggers

South Caicos, Turks and Caicos (SFS)


I am a junior at Wake Forest this year and I studied abroad in the spring of 2017 in the Turks and Caicos Islands through the School for Field Studies (SFS). I chose this program because it was an environmental science-based, which complements my interest in biology, and because it was such a beautiful location. This program allowed me to step out of my comfort zone for a few months, learn about a new culture, learn about protecting marine ecosystems in a specific case study, and learn how to SCUBA dive while making a few new friends along the way. If you are interested in SFS programs, programs in the Caribbean, or science programs in general, feel free to contact me!


T. Poston

Thomas Poston

Strasbourg, France (SU)


I am a double major in Economics and Politics & International Affairs with a minor in Environmental Studies. In the fall of 2016, I followed my interest in international relations to Strasbourg, France, where I studied European economic policy and interned at the Council of Europe. Back at Wake, I am a President’s Aide and co-captain of the Center for Leadership and Character’s Ethics and Leadership Debate Team. I also enjoy performing spoken-word poetry and singing in the Wake Forest concert choir. I love to discuss my experiences in Europe, and I am happy to provide tips on interning while abroad, living with a host family, and planning travel.


Tyler Boucher

Tyler Boucher

Otago, New Zealand (IFSA)


I am thankful I took advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel across the world and experience the nature, food, people, arts, and academia of another country. I chose to study at the University of Otago in New Zealand because I’ve always been a big Lord of the Rings fan and I was excited to explore a land known for its beauty. During my semester abroad, I took up backpacking, a hobby I’ve never even considered, and witnessed nature unlike I ever have before. We often camped in tents and pretty much ate peanut butter and jelly for every meal, but the rewards were simply breath-taking. The best part was that nearly everyone studying in New Zealand was looking to explore the same trails and destinations, making it always easy to find friends to go adventure and share an Airbnb with. My time in New Zealand was unforgettable and I would encourage everyone to seize the opportunity to study abroad. If you have any questions about New Zealand or studying abroad in general, I am best reached by e-mail.


Are you interested in applying to be a Global Abroad Ambassador? Please read the Global Ambassador Program Description: Global Abroad Ambassador Program 2018-2019 and apply here: Global Ambassador Application.


The application deadline July 1st and Students are notified in August. Ambassadors are required to commit for an academic year.


If you are interested in being a Global Ambassador or have any questions about the position, please contact Anna Marter, Study Abroad advisor at