Study Abroad Programs

WFU Program Name City Country Region
Wake Forest University Chile: Honors Santiago Chile South America
Wake Forest University Internship in Dublin (Summer) Dublin Ireland Europe
Wake Forest University Internship in Hong Kong (Summer) Hong Kong China Asia
Wake Forest University Internship in London (Summer) London England Europe
Wake Forest University Internship in Madrid (Summer) Madrid Spain Europe
Wake Forest University Internship in Paris (Summer) Paris France Europe
Wake Forest University Internship in Prague (Summer) Prague Czech Republic Europe
Wake Forest University London: University Studies & Internships London England Europe
Wake Forest University Salamanca Internship Program (Summer I) Salamanca Spain Europe
Wake Forest University Salamanca Salamanca Spain Europe
Wake Forest University Southern Cone: Chile & Argentina Buenos Aires Argentina South America
Wake Forest University Washington, D.C.: Internships Washington, D.C. United States North America
API/Bhutan: Direct Enrollment & Internship Thimpu Bhutan Asia
Bard College/Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Asia
Boston University/Brussels: Internship (Summer) Brussels Belgium Europe
Boston University/Dublin: Internship (Summer) Dublin Ireland Europe
Boston University/London: Internship (Summer) London England Europe
Boston University/Madrid: Internship (Summer) Madrid Spain Europe
Boston University/Paris: Internship (Summer) Paris France Europe
Boston University/Sydney: Internship (Summer) Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
CET/Prague Prague Czech Republic Europe
CET/Shanghai: Chinese Studies & Internship Shanghai China Asia
CET/Taiwan Taipei Taiwan Asia
CET/Taiwan: Intensive Chinese and Internship (Summer) Taipei Taiwan Asia
CET/Vietnam: Vietnamese Studies & Service-Learning Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Asia
CIEE/Amsterdam: Business & Culture Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
CIEE/Botswana: Arts & Sciences Gaborone Botswana Africa
CIEE/Brussels: Business, Communications, & Culture Brussels Belgium Europe
CIEE/Budapest: Central European Studies Budapest Hungary Europe
CIEE/Buenos Aires: Liberal Arts Buenos Aires Argentina South America
CIEE/Dakar: Language & Culture Dakar Senegal Africa
CIEE/Dublin: Arts & Sciences Dublin Ireland Europe
CIEE/Ghana: Arts & Sciences Legon Ghana Africa
CIEE/Haifa: International Relations, Psychology and Peace and Conflict Studies Haifa Israel Middle East
CIEE/Jordan: Arabic Language Amman Jordan Middle East
CIEE/Prague: Central European Studies Prague Czech Republic Europe
CIEE/Prague: Communications, New Media, & Journalism Prague Czech Republic Europe
CIEE/Rabat: Language & Culture Rabat Morocco Africa
CIEE/Rennes: Liberal Arts Rennes France Europe
CIEE/Sevilla: Internship (Summer) Sevilla Spain Europe
CIEE/Shanghai (Summer) Shanghai China Asia
CIEE/Shanghai: Accelerated Chinese Language Shanghai China Asia
CIEE/Shanghai: China in a Global Context Shanghai China Asia
CIEE/Taiwan: Intensive Chinese Language & Culture Taipei Taiwan Asia
College Year in Athens Athens Greece Europe
Columbia University/Beijing: Business Chinese and Internship (Summer) Beijing China Asia
Hollins University/London London England Europe
Hollins University/Paris Paris France Europe
IES/Barcelona: Internship (Summer) Barcelona Spain Europe
IES/Barcelona: Liberal Arts & Business Barcelona Spain Europe
IES/Berlin: Language & Area Studies Berlin Germany Europe
IES/Cape Town: Internship (Summer) Cape Town South Africa Africa
IES/Dublin: Irish General Studies Dublin Ireland Europe
IES/Freiburg: Language & Area Studies Freiburg Germany Europe
IES/Granada Granada Spain Europe
IES/London: Internship (Summer) London England Europe
IES/London: Study London London England Europe
IES/Madrid: Language & Area Studies Madrid Spain Europe
IES/Milan: Internship (Summer) Milan Italy Europe
IES/Paris: Business & International Affairs Paris France Europe
IES/Paris: French Studies Paris France Europe
IES/Quito: Area Studies & Language Quito Ecuador South America
IES/Rabat Rabat Morocco Africa
IES/Rome Rome Italy Europe
IES/Rome: Internship (Summer) Rome Italy Europe
IES/Santiago Santiago Chile South America
IES/Santiago: Internship (Summer) Santiago Chile South America
IES/Shanghai: Economy, Business & Society Shanghai China Asia
IES/Shanghai: Internship (Summer) Shanghai China Asia
IES/Siena Siena Italy Europe
IES/Sydney: Internship (Summer) Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
SIT/Indonesia: Arts, Religion, and Social Change Ubud Indonesia Asia
SIT/Jordan: Counseling & Humanitarian Action Internship (Summer) Amman Jordan Middle East
SIT/Kenya: Public Health in the Tropics Internship (Summer) Kisumu Kenya Africa
SIT/Mongolia: Geopolitics & the Environment Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Asia
SIT/Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples Dharamsala India Asia
SIT/South Africa: Community Health & Social Policy Durban South Africa Africa
SIT/South Africa: Multiculturalism & Human Rights Cape Town South Africa Africa
SIT/South Africa: Social & Political Transformation Durban South Africa Africa
SIT/Switzerland: Banking, Finance, & Social Responsibility Athens Greece Europe
SIT/Tanzania & Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management Stone Town Tanzania Africa
SIT/Tunisia: Emerging Identities in North Africa Sicily Italy Europe
SIT/Uganda: Development Studies Kampala Uganda Africa
Spanish Studies Abroad/Cordoba: Advanced Spanish Studies Cordoba Argentina South America
Syracuse University/Strasbourg: Internship (Summer) Strasbourg France Europe
Temple University/Rome Rome Italy Europe