Study Abroad Programs

WFU Program Name City Country Region
Wake Forest University Australia: Ecology & Resource Management (Summer) Brisbane Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Wake Forest University Internship in Bangkok (Summer) Bangkok Thailand Asia
Wake Forest University Peru: Tropical Biodiversity and Environmental Journalism (Summer) Cuzco Peru South America
Wake Forest University St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Environmental Communication: A Caribbean Context (Summer) Kingstown Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Caribbean
Ben-Gurion University/Beer-Sheva Beer-Sheva Israel Middle East
Boston University/Quito: Latin American Studies Program Galapagos Islands Ecuador South America
Boston University/Quito: Tropical Ecology Quito Ecuador South America
CIEE/Bonaire: Tropical Marine Ecology and Conservation Kralendijk Bonaire (South Caribbean) Caribbean
CIEE/Cape Town: Arts & Sciences Cape Town South Africa Africa
CIEE/Costa Rica: Tropical Ecology & Conservation Monteverde Costa Rica Central America
CIEE/Monteverde: Tropical Ecology & Conservation (Summer) Monteverde Costa Rica Central America
Duke University/Costa Rica: Tropical Biology San Jose Costa Rica Central America
Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Rothberg International School Jerusalem Israel Middle East
IES/Freiburg: Environmental Studies Freiburg Germany Europe
IES/Nice: Business, Sustainability, and Immigration Nice France Europe
IES/Nice: Science, Engineering & Business at SKEMA Nice France Europe
IFSA-Butler/Cambridge University Cambridge England Europe
IFSA-Butler/King's College London England Europe
IFSA-Butler/Monash University Melbourne Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/Sri Lanka: Intercollegiate Sri Lanka Education (ISLE) Program Kandy Sri Lanka Asia
IFSA-Butler/University College Cork Cork Ireland Europe
IFSA-Butler/University of Adelaide Adelaide Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of Canterbury Christchurch New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of Edinburgh Edinburgh Scotland Europe
IFSA-Butler/University of Otago Dunedin New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of Queensland Brisbane Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/Valparaiso Intermediate Program Valparaiso Chile South America
IFSA-Butler/Victoria University Wellington New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
IHP/Climate Change: The Politics of Food, Water, & Energy Cochabamba Bolivia South America
IHP/Rethinking Food Security: Agriculture, People, & Politics Ahmedabad India Asia
SFS/ Kenya: Wildlife, Water, and Climate Resilience. Kimana Kenya Africa
SFS/Australia: Rainforest Management Studies (Summer) Auckland New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
SFS/Australia: Rainforest to Reef Queensland Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
SFS/Australia: Techniques for Rainforest Research (Summer) Queensland Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
SFS/Bhutan: Forests in the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Session I (Summer) Bumthang Bhutan Asia
SFS/Bhutan: Himalayan Environment and Society in Transition Bumthang Bhutan Asia
SFS/Cambodia: Climate Change, Ethics, and Conservation. Can Tho Vietnam Asia
SFS/Costa Rica: Biodiversity and Sustainable Food Systems (Summer) San Jose Costa Rica Central America
SFS/Costa Rica:Sustainable Development Studies Atenas Costa Rica Central America
SFS/Panama: Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies Bocas del Toro Panama Central America
SFS/Panama: Tropical Island Ecosystems, Session I (Summer) Bocas del Toro Panama Central America
SFS/Peru: Biodiversity and Development in the Amazon Cuzco Peru South America
SFS/Tanzania & Kenya: Fundamentals of Wildlife Management, Session I (Summer) Rhotia Tanzania Africa
SFS/Tanzania: Carnivores of the African Plains, Session II (Summer) Rhotia Tanzania Africa
SFS/Tanzania: Wildlife Management Studies Rhotia Tanzania Africa
SFS/Turks & Caicos: Applied Marine Research Techniques, Session II (Summer) Cockburn Harbour Turks and Caicos Islands Caribbean
SFS/Turks & Caicos: Marine Resource Studies Cockburn Harbour Turks and Caicos Islands Caribbean
SIT/Australia: Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology Cairns Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
SIT/Australia: Sustainability & Environmental Action Byron Bay Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
SIT/Ecuador: Comparative Ecology & Conservation Quito Ecuador South America
SIT/Madagascar: Biodiversity & Natural Resource Management Fort Dauphin Madagascar Africa
SIT/Panama: Tropical Economy, Marine Ecosystems & Biodiversity Conservation Panama City Panama Central America
SIT/Tanzania & Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management Stone Town Tanzania Africa
SIT/Tanzania: Wildlife Conservation & Political Ecology Arusha Tanzania Africa
Syracuse University/Santiago Santiago Chile South America