The first step in the process is to set up a time to meet with a study abroad advisor. You can do this by contacting the Center for Global Programs and Studies at 336.758.5938 or stopping by Reynolda Hall 116 to schedule an appointment in person. Please use the form below if you have a question we can help you with as you plan your experience abroad.

David Taylor
Director of Global Abroad Programs
336.758.4884 |
Jessica Francis
Associate Director of Global Abroad Programs
336.758.3890 |
Mike Tyson
Assistant Director, Study Abroad: Summer & Short-Term Programs
336.758.4072 |
Janice Claybrook
Study Abroad Advisor
336.758.2561 |
Molly Dunn
Study Abroad Advisor
336.758.6122 |
Cody Ryberg
Study Abroad Advisor
336.758.6194 |
Anna Marter
Study Abroad Advisor
336.758.5938 |
Dineo Gaofhiwe 
Study Abroad Advisor
336.758.6122 |
Nancy Metcalf
Administrative Assistant
336.758.5994 |
Lynne Kerr
Global Programs Assistant
336.758.5938 |


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