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Course Approvals

Students on Affiliate programs may only enroll in courses that are approved for credit at Wake Forest University.  This process should be completed before a student goes abroad.

After registration is completed on the abroad program we encourages students to send their final schedules to their advisor for confirmation that all of the courses that they are enrolled in are approved for credit at WFU.  If the student is hoping to take a course that hasn’t been previously approved then they will need to complete an email course approval form (ECAF).

Email Course Approval Forms (ECAF)
Students who are abroad and need to seek additional approvals can do so via the Email Course Approval Form (ECAF). Contact for the ECAF.


We hope that you will use #DeacAbroad when you post photos to social media.  We love seeing what our students are up and it can help you connect to other WFU students that are also studying abroad.  Post using #DeacAbroad will be shared on our webpage and may be highlighted in our publications.

Cross-Cultural Engagement Abroad

Wake Forest has designed three courses to help you prepare for the cultural aspects of studying abroad. These cross-cultural engagement courses (1 hour each) are taken in succession and will help you develop skills necessary to study, live and work effectively in cultures other than your own. These courses are optional (not required).

See the Cross-Cultural Engagement website for more information about the courses and reflections from Wake Forest students who have taken them.

INS 151 (“Cross-Cultural Engagement Abroad”)
Gives you the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills gained from INS 150 to develop a better understanding of cultural variables such as value orientation, communication styles, and nonverbal communications. This course also helps you maximize cultural immersion and exposure to different aspects of the host culture. Taken while abroad. (1h P-POI)

Registering for Next Semester

Registration while you are studying abroad is not as difficult as you might expect. The first thing you should do to ensure that you do not miss out on important information about registration is to either regularly access your WFU email account while abroad or be sure to have your WFU email forwarded to another account.

Check your email frequently during March (spring) or October (fall) for important registration information. The course schedule, dates for major/minor registration and elective registration times and dates are sent out during these months.

Prior to registration, please log onto WIN and check your account for holds. (Go to “Virtual Campus”, “Academics”, “Check Registration Holds & Appointment Times”). If you have a hold on your account you will not be able to register for either major, minor or elective classes. Only the office that places a hold on your account can remove the hold.

You will be notified about registration via email in plenty of time to plan your schedule. A copy of the upcoming term’s course schedule will be emailed to your WFU account as a Word document attachment. You can also access the schedule through WIN. The most reliable source of registration information is on WIN since any changes to the course schedule are posted and class openings are listed. You can find the course schedules by going to “Administration”, then “Departments”, then “Registrar”, then click on “Course Schedules” on the bottom left hand side of the page, OR you can log onto WIN and go to InfoCentral, then Forms and Documents library, then Registrar, then Course Schedules, then click whichever schedule you need.

Your major and minor departments are responsible for registering you for those courses. Email your major/minor departments’ administrative assistant the major/minor courses you plan to take. You will also need to email your adviser to get a PIN that will enable you to register online for your electives. You will be notified of the dates and times of both major/minor registration and elective registration via email by the registrar’s office.

Directions for registering on WIN

  1. Log onto WIN, then go to Virtual Campus
  2. Click on “Register for Classes using Class Search”
  3. Select appropriate term and click submit
  4. Choose the appropriate subject and course number and click submit at the bottom of the page
  5. Choose the appropriate course and follow the prompts to register
  6. You will be asked for your PIN which you should receive from your adviser

If you have any problems or questions concerning registration while abroad, you can contact Sasha Suzuki at or call (336) 758-4214.

Housing Upon Return

If you are abroad for a Fall semester then Residence Life and Housing will be in touch with you in early December regarding your housing options for the next semester.  If you are abroad for a Spring semester then you will choose housing in the same manner and timeline that you would if you were still on campus.