Study Abroad Programs

WFU Program Name City Country Region
Ben-Gurion University/Beer-Sheva Beer-Sheva Israel Middle East
CIEE/Amsterdam: Social Sciences Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
CIEE/Dakar: Language & Culture Dakar Senegal Africa
CIEE/Prague: Global Architecture & Design Prague Czech Republic Europe
CIEE/Rennes: Liberal Arts Rennes France Europe
CIEE/Rio de Janeiro: Environment & Sustainability Studies Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America
CIEE/Sharjah: Business, Engineering, Arts & Sciences Sharjah United Arab Emirates Middle East
CIEE/Stellenbosch: Sustainability and Community Stellenbosch South Africa Africa
DIS/Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark Europe
IES/Amsterdam: Society, Culture and Gender in Amsterdam (Summer) Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
IES/Berlin: Metropolitan Studies Berlin Germany Europe
IES/Paris: Business & International Affairs Paris France Europe
IES/Rome Rome Italy Europe
IES/Rome (Summer) Rome Italy Europe
IES/Shanghai: Economy, Business & Society Shanghai China Asia
IES/Tokyo: Society & Culture Tokyo Japan Asia
IHP/Cities in the 21st Century: People, Planning, & Politics Ahmedabad India Asia
IHP/Climate Change: The Politics of Food, Water, & Energy Cochabamba Bolivia South America
IHP/Rethinking Food Security: Agriculture, People, & Politics Ahmedabad India Asia
SIT/Argentina: Regional Integration, Development, & Social Change Montevideo Uruguay South America
SIT/Argentina: Social Movements & Human Rights Buenos Aires Argentina South America
SIT/Australia: Sustainability & Environmental Action Byron Bay Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
SIT/Ghana: Social Transformation & Cultural Expression Accra Ghana Africa
SIT/South Africa: Multiculturalism & Human Rights Cape Town South Africa Africa
SIT/Uganda: Development Studies Kampala Uganda Africa
Spanish Studies Abroad/Sevilla: Intermediate & Advanced Spanish Studies Sevilla Spain Europe