Study Abroad Programs

WFU Program Name City Country Region
Wake Forest University Egypt (Summer) Cairo Egypt Africa
Wake Forest University Morocco (Summer) Fez Morocco Africa
American University Center of Provence/Marseille Marseille France Europe
American University in Cairo (Summer) Cairo Egypt Africa
Ben-Gurion University/Beer-Sheva Beer-Sheva Israel Middle East
Boston University/Haifa: Language & Liberal Arts Haifa Israel Middle East
CET/Jordan: Intensive Language Amman Jordan Middle East
CIEE/Jordan: Arabic Language Amman Jordan Middle East
CIEE/Rabat: Language & Culture Rabat Morocco Africa
IES/Nice: Business, Sustainability, and Immigration Nice France Europe
IHP/Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges and Advocacy Amman Jordan Middle East
Marquette University/Muscat: Project GO-ROTC, Arabic in Oman (Summer) Muscat Oman Middle East
SIT/Jordan: Counseling & Humanitarian Action Internship (Summer) Amman Jordan Middle East
SIT/Jordan: Intensive Arabic Language Study (Summer) Amman Jordan Middle East
SIT/Jordan: Modernization & Social Change Amman Jordan Middle East
SIT/Jordan: Refugees, Health, and Humanitarian Action Amman Jordan Middle East
SIT/Tunisia: Emerging Identities in North Africa Sicily Italy Europe
University of Haifa/International School Haifa Israel Middle East