Study Abroad Programs

WFU Program Name City Country Region
Wake Forest University Berlin: Arts and Entrepreneurship (Summer) Berlin Germany Europe
CIEE/Ghana (Summer) Legon Ghana Africa
CIEE/Hyderabad: Arts & Sciences Hyderabad India Asia
CIEE/Salvador de Bahia: Liberal Arts Salvador de Bahia Brazil South America
CIEE/Santiago: Liberal Arts Santiago Dominican Republic Caribbean
IES/Buenos Aires: Latin American Societies & Cultures Buenos Aires Argentina South America
IES/Milan Milan Italy Europe
IES/Paris: French Studies Paris France Europe
IES/Santiago Santiago Chile South America
IFSA-Butler/Chilean Universities Program, Santiago Santiago Chile South America
IFSA-Butler/Hebrew University of Jerusalem Jerusalem Israel Middle East
IFSA-Butler/Monash University Melbourne Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/Universidad Nacional Heredia Costa Rica Central America
IFSA-Butler/University of Auckland Auckland New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of Leeds Leeds England Europe
IFSA-Butler/University of New South Wales Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of Ulster Belfast Northern Ireland Europe
ISA/Santiago: Language & Culture, Caribbean Studies, Courses with Domincans Santiago Dominican Republic Caribbean
SIT/Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization & Social Change Cochabamba Bolivia South America
SIT/Czech Republic: Arts and Social Change Prague Czech Republic Europe
SIT/Ghana: Social Transformation & Cultural Expression Accra Ghana Africa
SIT/Indonesia: Arts, Religion, and Social Change Ubud Indonesia Asia
Spanish Studies Abroad/Alicante: Intermediate & Advanced Spanish Studies Alicante Spain Europe
Spanish Studies Abroad/Sevilla: Intermediate & Advanced Spanish Studies Sevilla Spain Europe
St. Louis University/Madrid Madrid Spain Europe
St. Louis University/Madrid (Summer) Madrid Spain Europe