Study Abroad Programs

WFU Program Name City Country Region
Wake Forest University Israel: Uncovering the Ancient Past: An Exploration of Archaeology, Religion, Politics, and History in Israel (Summer) Jerusalem Israel Middle East
Wake Forest University Nepal (Summer) Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Wake Forest University Salamanca Salamanca Spain Europe
American University Center of Provence/Marseille Marseille France Europe
American University in Cairo (Summer) Cairo Egypt Africa
Antioch University/Bodh Gaya: Buddhist Studies in India Bodh Gaya India Asia
Arcadia University/Athens Athens Greece Europe
Arcadia University/Perugia: Umbra Institute Perugia Italy Europe
Arcadia University/Toledo: Fundación José Ortega y Gasset Toledo Spain Europe
Bard College/Kyrgyzstan Bishkek Kyrgyzstan Asia
Bard College-Smolny College/St. Petersburg St. Andrews Scotland Europe
Ben-Gurion University/Beer-Sheva Beer-Sheva Israel Middle East
Boston University/Quito: Latin American Studies Program Galapagos Islands Ecuador South America
CET/Vietnam: Vietnamese Studies & Service-Learning Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Asia
Chinese University of Hong Kong/International Asian Studies Program Hong Kong China Asia
CIEE/Alicante: Liberal Arts Alicante Spain Europe
CIEE/Amsterdam: Social Sciences Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
CIEE/Brussels: Advanced Liberal Arts Brussels Belgium Europe
CIEE/Budapest: Central European Studies Budapest Hungary Europe
CIEE/Buenos Aires: Liberal Arts Buenos Aires Argentina South America
CIEE/Cape Town: Arts & Sciences Cape Town South Africa Africa
CIEE/Dakar: Language & Culture Dakar Senegal Africa
CIEE/Ghana: Arts & Sciences Legon Ghana Africa
CIEE/Hyderabad: Arts & Sciences Hyderabad India Asia
CIEE/Lisbon: Language & Culture Lisbon Portugal Europe
CIEE/Prague: Central European Studies Prague Czech Republic Europe
CIEE/Salvador de Bahia: Liberal Arts Salvador de Bahia Brazil South America
CIEE/Santiago: Liberal Arts Santiago Dominican Republic Caribbean
CIEE/São Paulo: Liberal Arts Sao Paulo Brazil South America
CIEE/Tokyo: Arts & Sciences Tokyo Japan Asia
College Year in Athens Athens Greece Europe
DIS/Copenhagen (Summer) Copenhagen Denmark Europe
Hebrew University of Jerusalem - Rothberg International School (Summer) Jerusalem Israel Middle East
IES/Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
IES/Barcelona (Summer) Barcelona Spain Europe
IES/Barcelona: Liberal Arts & Business Barcelona Spain Europe
IES/Beijing: Contemporary Issues in China Beijing China Asia
IES/Buenos Aires: Language and Argentine Studies (Summer) Buenos Aires Argentina South America
IES/Buenos Aires: Latin American Societies & Cultures Buenos Aires Argentina South America
IES/Dublin: Irish General Studies Dublin Ireland Europe
IES/Granada Granada Spain Europe
IES/London: Health Practice & Policy Kingston Jamaica Caribbean
IES/Museums & Beyond: Art & Culture in Paris, Rome & Madrid (Summer) Madrid Spain Europe
IES/Nice: French Studies & Business on the Riviera Nice France Europe
IES/Paris: French Studies Paris France Europe
IES/Quito: Area Studies & Language Quito Ecuador South America
IES/Rome Rome Italy Europe
IES/Rome (Summer) Rome Italy Europe
IES/Santiago Santiago Chile South America
IES/Shanghai: Economy, Business & Society Shanghai China Asia
IES/Siena Siena Italy Europe
IES/Tokyo: Society & Culture Tokyo Japan Asia
IES/Vienna: European Society & Culture Vienna Austria Europe
IFSA-Butler/Argentine Universities Program Buenos Aires Argentina South America
IFSA-Butler/Australian National University Canberra Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/Cambridge University Cambridge England Europe
IFSA-Butler/Chilean Universities Program, Santiago Santiago Chile South America
IFSA-Butler/Chilean Universities Program, Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile South America
IFSA-Butler/London School of Economics (Summer) London England Europe
IFSA-Butler/London School of Economics and Political Science London England Europe
IFSA-Butler/Massey University Wellington New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/Mendoza Universities Mendoza Argentina South America
IFSA-Butler/Monash University Melbourne Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/NUI Maynooth Maynooth Ireland Europe
IFSA-Butler/Oxford University Oxford England Europe
IFSA-Butler/Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru Lima Peru South America
IFSA-Butler/Queen's University of Belfast Belfast Northern Ireland Europe
IFSA-Butler/School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS) London England Europe
IFSA-Butler/Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan Merida Mexico Central America
IFSA-Butler/University College London London England Europe
IFSA-Butler/University of Adelaide Adelaide Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of Auckland Auckland New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of Canterbury Christchurch New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of East Anglia Norwich England Europe
IFSA-Butler/University of Edinburgh Edinburgh Scotland Europe
IFSA-Butler/University of Kent Canterbury England Europe
IFSA-Butler/University of Melbourne Melbourne Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of New South Wales Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of Otago Dunedin New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of Queensland Brisbane Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of St. Andrews St. Andrews Scotland Europe
IFSA-Butler/University of Sussex Brighton England Europe
IFSA-Butler/University of Sussex (Summer) Brighton England Europe
IFSA-Butler/University of Sydney Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/University of Western Australia Perth Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IFSA-Butler/Valparaiso Intermediate Program Valparaiso Chile South America
IFSA-Butler/Victoria University Wellington New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
IHP/Human Rights: Foundations, Challenges and Advocacy Amman Jordan Middle East
IHP/Rethinking Food Security: Agriculture, People, & Politics Ahmedabad India Asia
IHP/Social Entrepreneurship: Innovation, Technology, Design, & Social Change Dhaka Bangladesh Asia
ISA/Rome: American University of Rome Rome Italy Europe
ISA/Santiago: Language & Culture, Caribbean Studies, Courses with Domincans Santiago Dominican Republic Caribbean
ISA/Seoul: Korea University Seoul South Korea Asia
London School of Economics and Political Science (Summer) London England Europe
Middlebury College/ Kunming Kunming China Asia
Middlebury College/Moscow Moscow Russian Federation Europe
New York University/Ghana Accra Ghana Africa
SFS/Australia: Rainforest Management Studies (Summer) Auckland New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
SFS/Australia: Techniques for Rainforest Research (Summer) Queensland Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
SFS/Australia: Tropical Rainforest Studies Queensland Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
SFS/Bhutan: Eastern Himalayan Forests and Rural Livelihoods (Summer) Bumthang Bhutan Asia
SFS/Bhutan: Himalayan Environment and Society in Transition Bumthang Bhutan Asia
SFS/Cambodia: Conservation, Ethics, and Environmental Change Can Tho Vietnam Asia
SFS/Costa Rica: Sustaining Tropical Ecosystems: Biodiversity, Conservation, Development (Summer) San Jose Costa Rica Central America
SFS/Costa Rica:Sustainable Development Studies Atenas Costa Rica Central America
SFS/Panama: Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies Bocas del Toro Panama Central America
SFS/Peru: Biodiversity and Development in the Andes-Amazon Cuzco Peru South America
SFS/Tanzania: Wildlife Management Studies Rhotia Tanzania Africa
SFS/Turks & Caicos: Marine Resource Studies Cockburn Harbour Turks and Caicos Islands Caribbean
SFS/Turks & Caicos: Tropical Marine Ecosystems: Monitoring and Management, Session I (Summer) Cockburn Harbour Turks and Caicos Islands Caribbean
SIE/Beijing: International Summer School (Summer) Beijing China Asia
SIE/Shanghai: International Summer School (Summer) Shanghai China Asia
SIT/Argentina: Regional Integration, Development, & Social Change Buenos Aires Argentina South America
SIT/Argentina: Social Movements & Human Rights Buenos Aires Argentina South America
SIT/Australia: Rainforest, Reef, and Cultural Ecology Cairns Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
SIT/Australia: Sustainability & Environmental Action Byron Bay Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
SIT/Bolivia: Multiculturalism, Globalization & Social Change Cochabamba Bolivia South America
SIT/Cameroon: Development and Social Change Yaounde Cameroon Africa
SIT/Chile: Comparative Education & Social Change Valparaiso Chile South America
SIT/Chile: Cultural Identity, Social Justice & Community Development Valparaiso Chile South America
SIT/Chile: Public Health, Traditional Medicine & Community Empowerment Arica Chile South America
SIT/China: China: Language, Cultures, and Ethnic Minorities Kunming China Asia
SIT/Ghana: Social Transformation & Cultural Expression Accra Ghana Africa
SIT/Iceland & Greenland: Climate Change & the Arctic Reykjavik Iceland Europe
SIT/India: Sustainable Development and Social Change Jaipur India Asia
SIT/Jordan: Counseling & Humanitarian Action Internship (Summer) Amman Jordan Middle East
SIT/Mongolia: Geopolitics & the Environment Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Asia
SIT/Nepal: Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples Dharamsala India Asia
SIT/Netherlands: International Perspective on Sexuality and Gender Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
SIT/Nicaragua: Youth Culture, Literacy & Media Managua Nicaragua Central America
SIT/Panama: Tropical Economy, Marine Ecosystems & Biodiversity Conservation Panama City Panama Central America
SIT/Peru: Indigenous Peoples & Globalization Cuzco Peru South America
SIT/Samoa: Pacific Communities & Social Change Apia Samoa Australia/Pacific Islands
SIT/Serbia, Bosnia, and Kosovo: Peace and Conflict Studies in the Balkans Belgrade Serbia Europe
SIT/South Africa: Community Health & Social Policy Durban South Africa Africa
SIT/South Africa: Multiculturalism & Human Rights Cape Town South Africa Africa
SIT/South Africa: Social & Political Transformation Durban South Africa Africa
SIT/Spain: Language, Community & Social Change Granada Spain Europe
SIT/Tanzania & Zanzibar: Coastal Ecology and Natural Resource Management Stone Town Tanzania Africa
SIT/Tunisia: Emerging Identities in North Africa Sicily Italy Europe
SIT/Uganda: Development Studies Kampala Uganda Africa
SIT/Vietnam: Culture, Social Change, and Development Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Asia
Spanish Studies Abroad/Cordoba: Advanced Spanish Studies Cordoba Argentina South America
Spanish Studies Abroad/Sevilla: Intermediate & Advanced Spanish Studies Sevilla Spain Europe
St. Louis University/Madrid Madrid Spain Europe
Syracuse University/Beijing Beijing China Asia
Syracuse University/Florence Florence Italy Europe
Syracuse University/London London England Europe
Syracuse University/Madrid Madrid Spain Europe
Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv Israel Middle East
Temple University/Ghana: West African Civilization and Aesthetics (Summer) Accra Ghana Africa
Temple University/Rome Rome Italy Europe
Temple University/Tokyo Tokyo Japan Asia
The Alliance for Global Education/Shanghai: 21st Century City Shanghai China Asia
The Alliance for Global Education/Varanasi: The City, the River, the Sacred Varanasi India Asia
The Swedish Program/Stockholm Stockholm Sweden Europe
University of Haifa/International School Haifa Israel Middle East